Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

How Security Guards Protect Your Property During An Event And Keep Your Guests Safe

by Kim Miller

If you're planning to host a large event with many people in attendance that you may not know, then you may want to hire security guards for the evening. If high-profile people will attend your event, they will appreciate the extra security, and even if you don't have celebrities attending, guards will watch over your property and guests to reduce the risk of crime or problems. Here are some ways security guards can help your event stay safe.

Plan Your Event Security

When you hire a security guard company, they can send as many guards as you want and use them for the purposes you have already determined you need. However, you may want the company to plan the security for the evening including the number of guards needed, their job functions, and any equipment that will be necessary such as video cameras or metal detectors.

Provide Uniformed And Undercover Guards

Just the sight of a few guards in uniforms walking around your property in plain view of guests could be enough to stop some disruptive behavior from starting. People who might otherwise drink too much, get out of control with arguments, or be inappropriate with the opposite sex may think twice about starting trouble when a security guard is watching. Uniformed guards can deter crime, and guards in plain clothes can be helpful too. These guards can blend in with the crowd and pick up on actions and conversations that people may try to hide when a uniformed guard walks by.

Monitor Live CCTV Video Of The Event

If there are no video cameras set up already, the security guard company may set some up for the event or recommend you have some ready for them to monitor throughout the evening. With live feed, a guard can scan the crowd, watch the parking area, and monitor the grounds for signs of vandalism, crimes, and suspicious behavior. Video cameras allow the guards to cover more ground and be more thorough in their surveillance with fewer guards needed on the ground. Plus, in the event a problem or dispute arises, there will be a video record of the happenings over the evening.

Restrict Access At The Door

If your event is invitation only, then guards will check for identification and invitations as people enter the door. If your event is open to everyone, then guards can check purses and people for weapons or other suspicious items and keep people out who are there to cause trouble. The guards may need to create an access perimeter around your property keeping people off the property entirely unless they pass through a checkpoint. This type of tight security may be necessary when you have celebrities at your event.

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Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

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