Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

3 Examples Of Multitasking That You May Face As An Intelligence Analyst

by Kim Miller

Most jobs are fast-paced at different times, but working as an intelligence analyst can require you to thrive in a fast-paced environment. Being able to succeed in this career often means that you must be highly adept at multitasking. While you might occasionally find yourself multitasking in issues that are life and death, you'll more regularly be dealing with situations where time is of the essence. Here are three examples of multitasking that you may frequently face when you're an intelligence analyst.

1. Communicating With Field Agents

You'll sometimes need to communicate with field agents in your capacity as an intelligence analyst, but other things might be going on at the same time. For example, you might be on the phone with a field agent who is relaying information about a target to you. You'll need to note what he or she is saying, while also sharing these details with a senior analyst or director, who can make a call on how the field agent should proceed. You'll then be responsible for relaying this information back to the field agent. This is a prime example of multitasking, as you're listening and speaking to multiple people at the same time.

2. Speaking To Contacts

You may develop different contacts in the area in which you work as an intelligence analyst, and your ability to multitask when you deal with them will also be valuable. Some contacts may be reluctant to speak to you, so you'll need to be deciphering what they're saying, evaluating whether it seems legitimate, and trying to calm them down all at the same time. Many of these conversations with contacts will take place quickly, and may even occur in unpredictable environments. Your ability to manage each of these elements concurrently can make these meetings successful.

3. Listening To Recordings

Part of your job may also be to listen to lengthy recordings to determine if there's anything said that is of value to your investigation. Some of these recordings may be live, and when that's the case, multitasking becomes a priority. For example, in addition to taking notes or segmenting the recording so that others can hear the critical parts, you may be conferring with a director and/or a team on the ground based on what you're learning. There are a lot of moving parts in such a scenario, and your ability to handle them all will make you successful in this role.

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Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

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