Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

A Security Patrol Officer Keeps Your 24-Hour Store Safer At Night

by Kim Miller

If your store stays open all night, you may be weighing the extra money you make against the dangers associated with operating in the late night and early morning hours. One thing you may want to consider is hiring a security patrol officer to deter crime and make your shoppers feel safe. Here's why having a security patrol can be beneficial.

The Officer Can Patrol Indoors On Foot

The late-night hours may attract some unsavory people to your store. They may come to your store because nothing else is open and they have nothing to do, or they might stop in after the local bar has closed. When you have a patrol officer walking up and down the aisles of the store, they can watch for people there to cause trouble and kick them out. Talk to the security company about the officer's duties so you know what an officer is allowed to do. If trouble breaks out, they can rush to the scene to calm things down, but they may need to call 911 as well to get police on the scene. Just having a uniformed patrol officer visible in the store could be enough to keep people from stealing things or vandalizing your property.

The Security Officer Can Patrol By Car Outside

If you have a large parking lot, the patrol officer can drive around it periodically to look for people lingering around the store that shouldn't be there. Driving around the perimeter in a random fashion at random times can help the officer check for trouble at the back of the store as well as the front. The presence of a guard in the parking lot helps late-night shoppers feel safe about getting out of their cars and walking to the entrance.

A Security Office Helps Employees Feel Safer

While a patrol officer might strike fear in the hearts of vandals, they have the opposite effect on your staff. No one may like working during the night, especially during periods when the store is nearly empty and spooky. Having an officer in the store or patrolling the lot helps your employees feel safer, so it may be easier to get volunteers for the night shift.

A Patrol Officer Checks For All Kinds Of Dangers

While vandals and criminals are a top target of a security officer, the officer can also monitor for other dangers such as fires, water leaks, and electrical problems that may arise. Your staff will probably be minimal during the night shift and they may mostly be at the front of the store, so a problem like a burning coffee pot or water leak may go unnoticed unless a patrol officer catches it when making their rounds and either handles the situation or calls for help.

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Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

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