Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

Have Your Bodyguard Shadow Your Children At These Times

by Kim Miller

If you're someone who has achieved a considerable degree of affluence in your life, it's important to know that you could be a target. While you'll likely be safe in most environments, you should never take your safety for granted. Hiring bodyguard services is a good investment for not only you, but also for your family. This is especially true if you have children, because the idea of someone kidnapping your children and attempting to ransom them back to you is a highly upsetting scenario. Don't be afraid to assign a bodyguard to shadow your child when he or she is away from you — including at these times.

Traveling To And From School

If a criminal were seeking to take your children from you, he or she would likely look for a pattern in the children's behavior. One pattern that your kids likely have is going to and from school each day. They're potentially vulnerable during this trip, especially if they walk to the school. Arrange for one of your bodyguards to shadow your kids as they make the walk. The guard will know to stay far enough back so as not to disrupt the children, but be close enough to jump into action should anything happen.

Going On Dates

Teenagers will spend a lot of time out of your supervision, including when they go on dates and hang out with friends. Whether your teen is going to a movie, out to dinner, or shopping at a local mall, these are times that you'll feel better knowing that one of your bodyguards is on the scene. In one of these crowded locations, someone with a ransom on his or her mind might be able to grab your child and disappear in the crowd before anyone can react. This evil plan, however, won't be possible when a bodyguard is just a few yards away.

Pursuing Their Hobbies

Your children likely have a variety of hobbies, including some that take them outside of your home. They can potentially be vulnerable during these pursuits, so knowing that a bodyguard is shadowing them will give you a considerable amount of peace of mind. For example, if your daughter is a jogger, a bodyguard can jog with her or just stay several paces back to give your child her independence. If your son enjoys riding his skateboard at a local skate park, the bodyguard can sit at a picnic table nearby and keep an eye out for suspicious characters in the area.


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Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

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