Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

Reasons To Hire Unarmed Security Guards For Your Retail Business

by Kim Miller

When most people hear the words security jobs, many naturally assume that the security guards stationed in the lobby of their business will be armed. But, in many cases, an unarmed security guard is better fit for the business. In fact, an unarmed security officer may be more adequate, especially if the business is a retail business. If you own a retail business, hiring security guards may not seem like an obvious choice for security measures; however, there are several reasons why you should consider this option. Here are just a few of the reasons to consider hiring unarmed security guards for your retail business.

Helps Reduce Shoplifting

Shoplifting is one of the most prevalent crimes that occur in retail business. During busy shopping hours, it is almost impossible for your managers to keep track of all the merchandise and every customer in the store. Shoplifting results in a great deal of money lost for your business, especially small retail businesses. A professional security guard can be a visual deterrent to shoplifters. When security officers are posted near the entrance of your retail business, it will remind shoppers that you take security seriously, and if they attempt to steal, they most likely won't get away with it. Customers aren't the only ones who steal from your business; employees are frequently responsible for theft at retail stores. Having a security guard posted at the store, reminds employees that their activities are being monitored, which may reduce their temptation to steal from your business.

Quick Emergency Response

Unfortunately, emergencies do occur in retail businesses. A security guard posted at your retail store acts a first responder. They are trained to react calmly, quickly, and effectively when faced with a stressful or dangerous situation. Many security guards are also trained in emergency medical response, such as first aid and CPR, so they are able to handle a situation until emergency medical personnel arrive.

Sense of Safety

For many people, simply having a security guard on site is enough to help promote a sense of safety and security in your retail business. It will generally help to put you, your employees, and your customers at ease while they are there working and shopping. In fact, many people are more comfortable and feel more relaxed knowing that the security guard is unarmed. Firearms often leave some people feeling as though the place they shopping or working in is at risk of some kind of danger. Unarmed security guards provide the sense of security you want, without leaving customers or employees on edge.

The most beneficial reason to consider hiring unarmed security guards for your retail business is the peace of mind it provides. Hiring competent and professionally trained unarmed security guards will give you peace of mind in knowing that your business is secure and both your employees and your customers are in a safe environment.


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Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

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