Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

High-Security, Anti-Ram, And Post-And-Cable Fences: FAQs

by Kim Miller

If there is one important thing you will do as a business owner where security is concerned, it will be to install a fence that is meant to secure the property. For some businesses, this form of perimeter security is an all-out must. For other business owners, the fence installation is just a matter of bringing peace of mind. There is much to learn about high-security fencing and fences used specifically for security purposes. Here is a look at some of what you probably want to know as you wade through the different choices of fences meant to protect your business property. 

What is considered a high-security fence?

A high-security fence is any type of fence that could serve a securing purpose on a property. There are several different types of high-security fence, and these fences provide different levels of security. A few traits or attributes that would allow a fence to be called a high-security version would include if: 

  • the fence is exceptionally tall in height so it would not allow easy climbing 
  • the fence is outfitted with deterring features, such as barbed or razor wire coils across the top 
  • the fence is resilient to impact and not knocked down easily, even with a vehicle

What's the difference between a post-and-cable fence and an anti-ram fence?

Post-and-cable fences are basically fences that are created with deep-set poles that anchor deep into the ground and cables that are threaded through the posts. An anti-ram fence serves as a protective barrier and cannot be easily compromised by ramming the fence with a vehicle. Essentially, an anti-ram fence is a direct type of post-and-cable fencing, and sometimes, the two names are used interchangeably. Yet, post-and-cable fences are not always designed to be resilient to vehicular impact. There are some fences built and installed in this fashion that are designed more to protect property from livestock, wildlife, or even intruders on foot. 

Where should crash-rated cable fences be installed?

Crash-rated cable fences are typically installed on properties where there is a high risk of traffic crashing into the area. For example, a business whose property borders a main highway or interstate may be a good place for a crash-rated fence. These fences are designed to withstand the direct impact of a vehicle and protect the property. Even though the fence may be somewhat damaged, it is unlikely that the vehicle would make it completely through the business property. 


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Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

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