Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

Find a Home Inspection Body Camera That Has These 3 Capabilities

by Kim Miller

One of the best ways that a home inspector can prevent all sorts of unwanted issues on the job is to wear a body camera whenever they're working. In addition to capturing video footage that can be helpful to your clients, wearing this recording device can protect you from various claims. For example, if the homeowner were to accuse you of breaking something during the inspection, you'd be able to provide footage from your body camera to show that the item in question was broken before you arrived. When you shop for a body camera, you'll find several models on the market. It's best to choose one that has this functionality.

1. Night Vision

Even though you'll rarely be inspecting homes outside of daytime hours, choosing a body camera that has a night vision function will be important. In your job, you'll often find yourself working in dark environments. Attics and crawl spaces of homes lack a source of light, and while your flashlight can illuminate the area in front of you to some degree, having a night vision setting will ensure that your footage is clear. This feature can also be useful if you occasionally inspect vacant homes in which the power is turned off, especially when you're in darker areas such as the basement.

2. Mini Camera Attachment

Some body cameras come with a miniature camera attachment that allows you to obtain footage of spaces that you can't access with your whole body. This is a highly valuable feature for home inspectors, as it will allow for the meticulous documentation of every part of the home. The mini camera attachment clips to your body near your main camera, but you can remove the former while keeping the latter in position. Whether you're trying to document the inside of a chimney, capture the scene behind an appliance, or otherwise get footage of somewhere that you can't reach with ease, this camera attachment will come in handy.

3. Photo Mode

It's also convenient if your body camera has a photo mode. Ideally, it will be designed so that you can press a button to snap a photo without interrupting the video recording. When you load the recorded footage onto your computer after the inspection, you'll have a video file and several photo files, which will make it easy to add the photos to your inspection report instead of taking screen captures from the video footage. Look for a body camera with this functionality at a store that sells home inspector body cameras.


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Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

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