Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

How Are Fire Watch Security Services Different

by Kim Miller

When people think about security services, they tend to focus on work that seems more like policing than any other profession. Fire watch security services, however, represent something different. If you're considering paying for fire watch security, you should appreciate these four things.

What a Fire Watch Security Guard Does

The fundamental difference between this sort of protection and more traditional police-like services is the focus on looking for fire and explosion risks or incidents. A fire watch guard patrols areas that are either at risk of flammable events or that would trigger massive damages in the unlikely event of one.

Typical Watches

Normally, companies employ fire watch security services at locations that have hot watches, like a construction company handling a lot of welding on a project. While it's great to think your workers will always have these situations under control, it's still wise to have a backstop. A fire watch guard can patrol areas where workers are using open flames, for example, to confirm that proper safety practices are in place. Likewise, they can watch for evidence that something might be getting out of hand, such as signs of smoldering in a spot where sparks landed.

A Guard in Action

Suppose an incident occurs and a fire watch security guard has to respond, if the situation is safe enough to permit extinguishing efforts, the guard will commence suppression. At the same time, they might order another guard to initiate evacuation procedures in the affected area and adjoining risk zones.

When the event is over, they can produce reports. Normally, a guard already maintains a log, and they can use this along with their contemporaneous observations to describe events.

Common Cases for Fire Watches

It is fairly easy to understand why companies in certain industries employ these sorts of guard watches. For example, you wouldn't be stunned to see a patrol at a petrochemical plant.

However, it isn't just about the presence of flames. You should also consider having a fire watch guard if a fire would cause significant damage. This applies even if the risk of fire is fairly low. Many corporate offices have fire watches. Similarly, you might have one at a large event like a concert.

A watch can be especially helpful in scenarios where people point their attention elsewhere. Contractors renovating the elevator system at a hotel, for example, have to focus on things like not falling while they're working with torches and welding equipment. Paying someone else to look for fire can allow them to focus on their main tasks. 


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Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

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