Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

Wondering Whether To Hire Unarmed Security Guards? 4 Things They Pay Attention To

by Kim Miller

Your business depends on the security systems and measures you put in place to guard your property against thieves and burglars. One great way to conduct this duty is by having both regular and random patrols. As a client, you might want to know what your security personnel will check and what they do to prevent security threats. This post will highlight what security officers will likely pay attention to when on duty.

1. Guarding Doors and Gates

Most criminals target commercial establishments by accessing unmonitored doors. They sneak into the premises, steal, and vandalize property. Therefore, your unarmed security officers must monitor all main doors and entry points. Your security company might position a few guards at the entrances and exits to screen visitors walking in and out of your premises. By conducting bag checks and ensuring every individual passes through the metal detector door, you can deter criminal activity and keep your premises safe.

2. Monitor Suspicious Individuals

Unarmed security guards go through intense training in observing suspicious behaviors. They often pay a lot of attention to unusual habits that may signify something is amiss. For instance, they can monitor a stranger camping or walking around your business premises to ensure they don't pose any security challenges. The security officers will check any unusual behaviors and take action to avoid business disruption.

3. Look Out for Unusual Items

Another crucial thing that unarmed security teams monitor when patrolling is suspicious things left on your business premises. Things that seem out of place may be recipes for disaster. For instance, a missing fire extinguisher when there has been no fire outbreak might indicate that someone in the building stole it. Broken windows may show signs of a break-in. The unarmed security guard is required to report such incidents immediately.

Unattended bags and briefcases left in unusual areas might be bombs. The security guard may help evacuate your employees and clients from the building and call the authorities to manage the situation.

4. React to Emergency Situations

During a patrol, an unarmed security officer might encounter a situation that could lead to an emergency. This may include finding a thief red-handed trying to break into the premises. They might also find signs of a fire outbreak or a medical emergency. The security officers will use their skills to respond accordingly to the crisis. This will ensure the safety of your clients and employees in your establishment.

There are numerous things security officers pay attention to when on duty. These are some common examples to help you understand their role. However, you can discuss your unique security needs with an unarmed security guard service in your area to ensure a smooth and helpful partnership.


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Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

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