Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

Finding Smart Security Options for Your Home

FAQs About Bail Bonds

by Kim Miller

If you get arrested, you may spend more time in jail than necessary if you don't know about bail bonds. Therefore, you need to know all you can about a bail bond. Here are interesting FAQs about bail bonds that can help you gain freedom after an arrest.

What Are Bail Bonds?

A bail bond is a financial obligation you owe the court for your release from detention following an arrest. Ideally, bail bonds are a form of commitment to attend all court dates. The different bail bond types are:

  • Cash bail bonds. These require that you pay the full amount the court demands. If you attend all court dates and your case ends, the court may refund you.
  • Surety bonds. These bonds are ideal if you can't afford the full bail amount. In such cases, you pay a small percentage of the full amount, and your bail bond agent tops the rest. However, you may need to sign a legal agreement ensuring your bail bond agent that you'll pay them their money according to the agreed terms.
  • Property bonds. These bail bonds present your property, including real estate, in which you have full rights as collateral. Nevertheless, processing property bonds may take weeks as you may need to liquidate your assets.
  • Citation release bonds. These bail bonds are written legal citations only your arresting officer can issue. This bail bond earns you freedom quickly since the arresting officer sets you free once you pay the bond.

You can select the ideal bond that matches your case and preference.

How Much Will I Pay For My Bail Bond?

The bail amount depends on the type of charge. For instance, criminal charges attract higher bail bonds to keep you committed to your court case. In contrast, misdemeanor crimes may attract lower bail amounts. Moreover, your bail amount may be high if you're at high flight risk. Fortunately, your bail bonds lawyer can negotiate with the court to ensure you get a fair bail amount.

How Long Does Bail Bond Processing Take?

The bail bond processing period is unique for every case. For instance, if you have a professional bail bond agency working on your bail, the processing may take a shorter period than when handling the process independently. That's because the professionals have the experience and expertise to fulfill all court requirements of the bail bond. 

For instance, a bail bond agent can fill out court documentation accurately and submit it to the correct departments. Besides, the agents follow up on the bail process to ensure faster release. So, hiring a professional bail bond service can speed up your release.

These FAQs can help you develop confidence when dealing with bail bonds.


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